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ACT PA Hire is a professional PA hire, sales and installation team.

We provide everything from the compact and simple PA systems for everyday use, through to the complete complex systems which are required for large venues, multiple stages, sporting feilds and show-grounds



Portable PA Systems

Portable PA Systems

Portable PA systems

Our portable PA systems are battery operated so can be used in any location.  There are a number of configurations available which enable the system to be expanded to suit almost any event.


Applications - weddings, media events, openings, rallies, protests, parties, fetes, in-store promotions, meetings, training seminars, 

Small but mighty - with up to 200w of power our portable PA systems are easy to set up and are available for a wide range of applications.  

When combined with a radio microphone they are a great solution for tricky venues.

The base speaker in our portable systems is available with CD Player, up to 4 Radio Microphones, MP3 connection, additional inputs for microphones & instruments. 



Sizes - 70 watts, 100 watts, 150watts and 200watts.

e.g. small indoor quiet venue, 50 people would need 70 - 100watts (i.e. wedding ceremony, in store promotion).

An outdoor area with a wide  spread of people in windy conditions will need 200watts  with some add on horn speakers (i.e. a fete, protest or rally).

Add-on options

  • Radio Microphones (Up to 4 per unit)
  • Extra box speakers (either wired or wireless)
  • Horn speaks (wired)
  • CD Player
  • MP3 Player Connection
  • Lead Microphones

Mobile PA systems

Our mobile pa systems are available in different sizes to ensure we can supply a system to best suit your events needs.


Applications - sporting carnivals,  fetes, rallies, fun runs, equestrian events, motor sports, cross country events and rural shows.

Mobile - Set up on a trailer, these systems can be parked just about anywhere - and if there's no power available, a small, low noise generator can be supplied.

These systems are supplies with a radio microphone and connection for and MP3 Player.


Sizes - These systems are scaleable to suit with up to 7 horn speakers or 500watts

Our small mobile system positions the speakers approximately 3m from ground level to give clearance over the heads of those just in front.


Our large mobile system positions the speakers up to 8m from the ground, giving clearance over tents, cars, trucks and just about any mobile structure and allowing the sound to travel a much greater distance.

Performance Systems

We provide a wide selection of small to medium performance systems for indoor and outdoor events


Applications - Community Festivals, Concerts & Dance performances.

Temporary Installed Systems

Our temporary installed systems allow events to tailer a PA system to suit their event and the venue.


Applications - conferences, roadshows, fairs, equestrian events, rural & regional shows, 

Temporary - these systems can be installed into any venue and once removed leave no evidence they were ever there.

Installed - These systems give the benefits of a fully installed system.  With coverage over a wide area.


A temporary installed system will ensure that everyone in the venue gets your message.

Installed Systems

Our team have been installing PA systems at venues in and around the Canberra Region for over 20 years.

Complete - installed systems come in all shapes and sizes and can go into new buildings and old.  Contact us to discuss your new installed system.

System Upgrades - already got an installed PA system which is just not right.  We'll happily come out and take a look at it.  You may find it's something quite simple, and if it's not, we can discuss your options to ensure your system is brought up to speed with your needs.

Install Projects

Bungendore Show ground

Canberra Netball Association Outdoor Courts - Lyneham

Exhibition Park in Canberra - Lyneham

Gunning Show ground

Yass Show ground

Wanniassa Primary School

St Francis of Assisi Primary School - Calwell



Other Key Products & Services

FM Radio Station

Auto Sports Timer





With a focus on safety all of our systems are designed to be a valuable tool in your emergency kit.